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Money Talks For Women Ep-5: Is This Your Biggest Money Fear?

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Join us for Money Talks For Women Episode-5: Is This Your Biggest Money Fear?

Nobody likes change, right? However, it’s the one thing we can all count on. Change and taxes. Change is what we base our lives on. If we didn’t have change, everything would stay the same. And maybe that’s not so good, either. The last time that I was broadcasting the money talks for women, I actually was doing it from the front seat of my car, because I didn’t have Wi-Fi change imagein the hotel where my family and I had evacuated in Central Florida, trying to get out of the rages of hurricane IAN. Well, that was several weeks ago; now we’re back in our homes, we’re back. And you know, coming back to normal normalcy. But certainly, lots of changes have happened in the last several weeks, both in my life and in the markets. But I did want to take an opportunity to share my heartfelt thanks to you for welcoming me back home and being concerned about my welfare.

Our prayers continue to go out to those who have lost their homes.

And I’m just so grateful to have had a home to come back to and really praying all the time for those who are less fortunate, who have had a very, very difficult time coming back to normalcy. October is really a month to prepare yourselves, ladies, for financial volatility. So this is a time of change, for sure. And indeed, the markets are really at a precipice we had just an inkling of a possibility of a rebound this week in the stock market, as valuations got so low that the buyers started coming back in at least for two days. But the strength of that buyback didn’t seem to last, and so we’re really flirting right now we’re flirting, we’re on the precipice of the possibility that more sellers could overtake the markets. And that can happen with just one more piece of negative financial news or information that comes. We were deloused with negative financial news, especially in England. So truth be told, if the markets do come down in the USA for the rest of October and the end of the year, we could be in line for some capitulation.

Here’s what I believe: INSIDE, EVERY WOMAN IS AN ACE MONEY MANAGER! That’s right! And that means you!

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