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Your Fast-Track to Financial Mastery

A Transformative Journey for Women Building Wealth with Lynn Kitchen

Are you ready to embark on a transformative journey towards financial mastery? – the Wealth Builders Express© is your exclusive ticket to unlocking the art of prosperity and accelerating your path to financial empowerment!

This Private monthly membership is designed for successful women like you who are ready to take control of their financial destinies.

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You’ll Receive:

  • 24×7 Learning Depot: On-demand, private access to Lynn’s archive of curated tips, tools, and teachings. Master a wealthy mindset and learn real-world money and investment strategies.

    Monthly updates include timely topics and focused exercises to meet your personal financial needs and begin your momentum forward. Get on Board!

  • 1x Monthly: Lynn’s Market Commentary: Monthly member-only access to Lynn’s proprietary perspective of upcoming trends in the markets. You will love “The Economic Express: Your Ticket to Market Insights.”

  • 2x Monthly: Ask Questions & Receive Lynn’s Expert Perspective: You’ll receive twice monthly, member-only access via Zoom. These “ask-and-learn” sessions are ideal for bringing your personal questions for Lynn’s direct expert insights.

  • 1x Monthly: DO & LEARN – Journey of Self Empowerment. Build confidence and community in this interactive “Tool Night”.


  • Empowering Community: Includes a PRIVATE FACEBOOK GROUP. Connect with like-minded women on the same journey. Share experiences, exchange ideas and uplift each other In a safe space as you navigate the exciting world of wealth building.

  • Member Benefits: Members will receive a reduced rate on financial clinic classes, one-on-one consultations, and more!

  • Contributions: A percentage of all proceeds support financial education for at-risk youth


Take Advantage of Limited-Time, BONUS ACCESS,
to Premium Resources and Expert Insights

Elevate your financial skills and network with supportive, like-minded women.

I am thrilled to offer this new on-demand, private access service for $197/month. Bonus! You can become a Founding Member for a limited time.

Founding Members will receive a permanent monthly rate of $79 / month.

This service allows you continuous access to a marketplace expert whose passion is to help you and women like you experience the empowerment of financial knowledge and wealth building.

I believe this is life-changing. That’s why I am offering it!

Register BELOW to ensure your spot as a Founding Member. If you have other women friends or colleagues, please forward this limited-time offer to become a Founding Member of Wealth Builders Express!

join Lynn Kitchen's Wealth Builders Express

Lynne Kitchen in Partnership with Hello Audio, brings you 24/7 access to Wealth Builders Express Learning depot.