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“5 Ways to Plan Ahead and $ave Money During Holiday Spending”

saving money on holiday spending

Only eight weeks or so to the end of 2022, not much time to plan for the holiday season.

And so I thought I would take this opportunity to pause a moment; I think it’s very, very good for women just to pause before the holidays begin. Let’s make a conscious effort to pause and create some time for ourselves around our money. And really begin to be a conscious planner. Be conscious about what we’re doing to plan for our success going forward for our success, success to end the year well, and also our success in handling the holidays ahead.

saving money


Would that be fun for you?

I’m hoping that it would. And we have really had and continuation with the Federal Reserve this last week announcing, indeed, higher interest rates; they raised interest rates by three-quarters of 1% last week, and they announced that that’s just the beginning, or at least they’re not going to be ending anytime soon, there are hell-bent on making sure that inflation is going to be knocked down. And as you all can, I’m sure, feel it is true, these inflationary prices are extremely worrisome. And with the interest rates moving up, we very much will have the year-end filled with mixed emotions and mixed volatility ahead in terms of both markets.


“So it’s a rocky time; we’re right in this place where planning ahead is probably the very, very best thing that we can do.”


Thank you, and welcome to once again Money talks for women, where I really believe that it’s time that we open the door and look at what it is that we are doing with our money, how we can do better, and how we can talk more about better ways that we can prosper. And certainly, my idea is to create wealth in the long run for more women.


And that includes you.

Here’s what I believe: INSIDE, EVERY WOMAN IS AN ACE MONEY MANAGER! That’s right! And that means you! JOIN ME HERE TO GET STARTED TOWARD FINANCIAL EMPOWERMENT (Join the waitlist for my next Money Talks Event at


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