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Money Mastery for Women: Enroll Now!

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Money Mastery Clinics Offer the Best Money Mentoring Programs for Women that Lasts a LIFETIME!

Money is the #1 source of stress for women. In contrast, taking action and learning more is the #1 driver toward money confidence and financial well-being. I want this to be EASY & PRODUCTIVE FOR YOU, and also PERSONAL & PERMANENT! My small group classes and one-on-one sessions allow personalized Q&A. What you learn from my clinics helps you make smarter money decisions for a LIFETIME. By registering today, you’ll get access to a complimentary Preliminary Call with Lynn to set you up for success.


Topics Frequently Covered Include:

  • Value Creation over Time
  • Money Metrics
  • Planning & Goal-Setting
  • How to Navigate the Current Economic Environment
  • Decision-Making Skills
  • Asset Allocation
  • Industry Overview
  • Introduction to Charting
  • Portfolio Building
  • Futurizing Your Wealth
  • industry Analysis
  • Portfolio Construction
  • Balancing
  • Projections for Future Wealth Creation
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Money Mastery Clinic Includes:

  1. Preliminary Call with Lynn to Set You Up for Success
  2. 4 Group Sessions Weekly!
  3. Q&A Included in Group Sessions
  4. A 75-minute VIP Personalized Call with Lynn
  5. Replays of ALL Sessions
  6. Your 2024 Action Plan Resource
  7. Ongoing Mentoring Opportunities with Lynn

Take Advantage of Lynn’s 34 Years of Wealth-Building Experience!

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Lynn is a financial mentor/consultant who draws from real-world money experience:

  1. 34-Year Career as Financial Executive / Money Manager.
  2. One of the First Women to Open Her Own Financial Broker-Dealership.
  3. Owner/Executive of 2 Investment Advisory Firms
  4. Taught Portfolio Management / Investment Courses for 15 Years
  5. Past President of the  Securities Industry Management Association (SIMA)

Watch a short testimonial from Lynn’s student, ace money manager Patricia.


Lynn does an excellent job of breaking down the complexity of investing. She generously shares her gifts of knowledge and experience to empower other women to be Ace Money Managers. I highly recommend her classes and am grateful for the insight I gained. –MaryClare