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Advanced Financial Clinic 

Private Consultant/Money Mentorship

–Platinum Level–

Private Consultant and Money Mentorship with Lynn Kitchen

1:1 “Wealth Building” By Personal Appointment

  • providing feedback, guidance, and accountability in creating your wealth results

Initial Consultation (Complimentary) – to establish scope and depth of desired consultancy.

Lynn can provide a wide range of consultancy services including:

  • a) PORTFOLIO REVIEW, one time, hourly basis, depending on level of complexity;f
  • b) PROJECT ANALYSIS & CONSULT, project fee based on time and complexity;
  • c) ONGOING MENTORSHIP CONSULTATION, retainer based on timeframe needed.
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Want to work with Lynn?

Lynn wants to be your guide and ensure you are equipped with everything you need to succeed. Your Money Matters!

  • Power of mentorship
  • Financial Independence
  • Money Empowerment
  • Ensure a Future of Success

–Schedule time with Lynn Kitchen –