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Find out more about the “Money Talks for Women’s” Clinic below! We created a special place just for you – LET’S TALK MONEY!

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What to Expect

“We are going to create a clear vision of success for you and your money!”

Financial Well-Being

“Teaching you how to achieve money, confidence, and accelerate your financial health and wellness.”

Knowledgeable Advisor

“35 years experience as a Professional Money Manager.”

Integrity Matters! My Guarantee to You.

5 Reasons to “Talk Money” with Lynn:
  1. 34-Year Career as Financial Executive / Money Manager.
  2. One of the First Women to Open Her Own Financial Broker-Dealership.
  3. Owner/Executive of 2 Investment Advisory Firms
  4. Taught Portfolio Management / Investment Courses for 15 Years
  5. Past President of the  Securities Industry Management Association (SIMA)

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I want to be your guide and ensure you are equipped with everything you need to succeed. Your Money Matters! If you weren’t able to enroll in our first Financial Clinic, do it now and receive:

  • Power of mentorship
  • Financial Independence
  • Money Empowerment
  • Ensure a Future of Success

You are in the right place! Register to join me! You will learn what you need to never feel inadequate, inferior, inconsequential, disregarded or overwhelmed about money management and investing. You will be in an environment where you can receive the knowledge and encouragement you need to truly evolve and grow.

I believe “INSIDE EVERY WOMAN is an ACE Money Manager” just waiting to be empowered to create true lasting financial security and wealth.

INVITE your girlfriends, your daughters, your women colleagues. We are moving into a new evolution for women. No woman needs to be left behind. REGISTER TODAY!

During this Financial Clinic, you will:
  • Imagine your MONEY HEALTH
  • Increase your MONEY CONFIDENCE
  • Have FUN learning about MONEY

Your registration allows you to attend free for all days! More Coming Soon…

Lynn is a financial mentor/consultant who draws from real-world money experience:

Student Testimonials


Patricia was one of Lynn’s first students under the new clinic structure she now uses. In the five videos on this playlist, Patricia discusses her experience in this unscripted endorsement of the exciting new paradigm in learning and teaching women about building wealth and creating financial freedom!


Rachel was empowered with both basic and advanced tools for managing her money.


Pamela learned how to have a more hands-on relationship with her own money/

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