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“The Mars Venus Gender Intelligence Approach to Money”


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image of rich bernsteinAbout Rich Bernstein: Rich is a gender-intelligence expert, trainer, and coach with a wealth of other experience spanning over 25 years. He has owned and managed companies in varied industries, both private as well as publicly traded. Rich has been active in the coaching industry since 2003 and has functioned as a support manager and a global sales director internationally. His background in sales, support, marketing, and business management makes Rich uniquely qualified to help licensees and business owners learn essential strategies for business success. Rich has a full complement of skills and experience in marketing, sales processes, financial models, time management techniques, and team building.


According to Rich: At Mars Venus, we refer to the understanding the gender differences as Gender Intelligence. When you understand the differences, you can improve all your relationships. Men and Women’s brains are wired differently, which causes many problems in relationships because men have very different types of relationships based on how their brain is wired. And women have different relationships, even intimate relationships. You can take that exact critical thinking and apply it to the relationship they have with money. And I’ll give you an example. There’s a part of the brain called the corpus callosum. It is the connective tissue between the two hemispheres of the brain. Women have 40% more. Now, I don’t know if you know anything about the brain, but even tiny differences make a huge difference in behavior, attitude, and relationships. In a woman’s brain, both hemispheres are talking to each other constantly. And that means that women can feel and think simultaneously; both hemispheres are connected. Their relationship with money is related to their relationship with their kids. The exact relationship is with their boss, husband, and friends. That is all connected. In a man, they can only be on the left side or the right side of the brain. Only 1 Hemisphere at a time, so Men have a hard time thinking and feeling simultaneously.


image of LynnFrom Lynn: Well, when I have been thinking about these differences, and I love that you’re saying that the brains are wired differently, even constructed differently, that’s something we want to consider very seriously. Most of my clients are women, and I often hear them say they have a great marriage and love their husbands. But the one thing we struggle with as a couple is arguing over money. All of our arguments are about one topic, and that is money. They seem unable to discuss their finances, bills or investing without arguing.


Understanding Gender Intelligence as it Applies to Money.

This podcast reveals many of the differences we would all benefit from knowing.


Dr. John Gray and Mars Venus discuss how men are more likely than women to take risks with their money. This may be partly due to differences in brain chemistry – men tend to have higher levels of testosterone, which is associated with risk-taking behavior.


Another difference between men and women when it comes to money is in their spending habits. Women are often portrayed as “shopaholics,” but research suggests that women are more likely than men to be frugal and budget conscious. This may be because women still earn less than men on average and thus must be more careful with their money.


It is important to note that while there are certainly some differences between men and women regarding money, these differences are not absolute. There are plenty of men who are careful with their money, just as there are plenty of women who are willing to take risks. It is also worth remembering that gender is just one factor that can influence financial behavior – other factors, such as income, education, and personality, may be just as important.


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