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Money Talks For Women: 

  • Financial Wellness is a woman’s prerogative for a holistic, balanced life.
  • Lynn Kitchen believes that women hold more power to create wealth than they think.
  • She says, “inside every woman is an ACE money manager!”

Join Lynn Kitchen as she crafts unique and compelling programs for wealth creation, bringing her real-world money management experience from 34 years as a professional financial executive to demystify, teach, inspire, and deliver the kind of empowerment that women need and deserve.

World’s Greatest Motivators

Lynn Kitchen, the co-founder of Kitchen Hamilton Productions, produces positive media showcasing master motivators in business success and personal development to audiences worldwide. We recognize that most humans love to be motivated and aspire to greater success! We create transformational media for international television, digital and streaming markets, as well as packaged programs for personal and professional development.

WORLD’S GREATEST MOTIVATORS brings the best motivational speakers to deliver a message of inspiration and possibility with innovative programs that foster the “Can-Do” Spirit as a foundational lifestyle.


Dream Again… and Dream Big.

It’s a warm gathering place around the kitchen table where you can dream again. It’s not too late. Here, you rediscover your inner longings and love for yourself. Here, what matters most to you now, is what matters most to me.  Let’s get cooking!

Join Lynn Kitchen as she creates impactful interviews plus innovative and fun adventures designed to help you design and build the dreams that are calling to you. Don’t put your dreams on the back burner any longer.

Time is running out, but it’s not too late.

DreamSculpt Books & Media

Dedicated to the Development of the Author and their Mission.

We provide personalized Book brand development, media and video promos, and publishing.

DreamSculpt Books is an imprint of Waterside Productions, the world-class literary agency behind many bestselling authors, including Eckhart Tolle and Marie Kondo. 

We publish truly eclectic authors with compelling stories and powerful messages that stir the soul and foster self-inquiry.

If you have a book idea and would like professional book development or media promotion, contact us.

NinetyO’s (

Pollyann Castle – Aging with Grace

Lynn’s 99-year-old mother says:

“I’m “nearly 99” years-old and wrote these 2 books in my nineties while nearly blind, as an inspiration to what’s possible!”

Ignite Your Imagination at Any Age! Enjoy these stories shared: remembrances and mind-jogging questions designed to keep you sharp and bring you a softer joy!


WANTED: Readers with a nomadic spirit, curiosity about others, passion, doubt, a joy to discover and a desire for the imaginative.

IF INTRIGUED: Voyage through a thousand stories as Lesley Lababidi* writes about what matters to her heart. Author of 5 books and scores of feature articles covering her discoveries in Egypt and Nigeria, Syria, Togo, and the Republic of Benin, and the Silk Road from China, Central Asia and to the Middle East.

“Wherever you look, there’s something to see” – Lesley Lababidi

*Note:  Lesley Lababidi is Lynn’s sister. Lynn has always admired her bold dedication to adventure, travel, culture, and personal growth.  Please enjoy this one-of-a-kind international blog!