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First, I invite you to reserve your seat at my next free online money workshop.

It’s coming to the end of July. But you do need to register and save your seat now because there will only be room for a certain number of people. It’s free to you. It’s virtual; it’s online; simply sign up, put your reservation in now. Don’t forget, you can invite your girlfriends and colleagues, send them the link, and invite them to attend with you because it’s much more fun to do this with someone else.


You may also reserve your seat by going to the sign-up page on my website to reserve your seat at my next upcoming free online Money Talks workshop at the end of July 2023


And when you do this, you will receive emails on all of the upcoming programs I have to offer and a complimentary downloadable PDF of Lynn Kitchen’s Starter Guide to Money Talks. Learn about my financial philosophy. And you will also learn tips and tools for moving forward on a path of personal empowerment.


You need to save your seat now. I invite you to be with me; it will be great fun. Bring your girlfriends and colleagues and send them a link. You can learn together.


Get on our waitlist now, and get informed
of our next Financial Clinic and more!
Register Here!


  • Starter Guide to "Money Talks"Lynn’s Free “Money Starter Guide”
  • Schedule of “Money Talks” Courses,
  • Webinars, and Special Events
  • Invite to Café of Dreams Events
  • Links to Videos
  • Podcast/Radio Notices
  • Personalized Q&A, plus what you learn here helps you make smarter money decisions for a LIFETIME.


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