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I teach you to pay yourself first.


That means learning a different mindset, what you can do to maximize your contributions and taking those first out of your paycheck. And take advantage of some of the recent new “Catch up provisions” from the IRS. These allow you to contribute more in certain decades of your life, accelerate those higher contributions to take advantage of those and learn how to invest for success. You know, you want to learn how to take care of your future self, because I believe that inside, every woman is an ace money manager, meaning you know more than you think you do. And with just a little help from perhaps a money mentor and tweaking your investments to grow faster without adding additional risk. You can take back control; you can take back control of your financial future. And when you do that, you will feel different, more empowered; you will feel that you can do this, you know. The fear goes away, and you begin to take to enjoy taking care of yourself and your future self. Does that feel like something you would like?


Lynn Kitchen facing camera imageWell, you know, in this article published by Bank of America, I was shocked. It shocked me that there was part of this study that point to let me show you it pointed to the fact that only 52% of women participate in 401 K plans, that only 52% of women even deposit money into their 401 K plans, even when it’s available to them at a 401 K plan is available to them. That means that women are not make taking advantage of actually the vehicles that are available to them. You know, think about it, one-half, 52% of women who have a vehicle available, are not putting one dime into it. Now, wait a minute; there’s got to be an easy fix for that. It’s called education; you need to make fully made aware of all of the benefits for socking away the maximum amounts that are allowed to you; you know, every company that has a 401 K plan usually also has an auto-enrollment plan, meaning that you can sign up for automated contributions with your employer. So you don’t even have to think about it; you take care of yourself and must take care of yourself first. I mean, the vehicle is there for you. This is why the statistics show that 50% of men are 50% ahead of us because they contribute to their well-being first; women and women can do the same. Come on, ladies; we can do the same; the record shows that we’re just not doing it. So now, that goes for all self-employed ladies to the vehicles for wealth. We’re not; we’re just not using them. Certainly, most women entrepreneurs I’ve worked with do not contribute to a simple IRA account for their retirement. And their monies go first to paying for everybody else instead of caring for themselves. But it’s an easy fix. It’s an easy fix. And it takes it requires just a little bit of awareness and education that the magic is in the savings. The magic is in the contributions to those savings and investing accounts. And again, using your automated tools that are available right now in this technological world, my goodness, they’re available, and not leaving this into the hands of other people, not relying on other people, your significant other or husband or anyone else to swoop in on a white horse and save you during retirement because that’s not going to happen.


You get to take charge today. And there’s so much fun in doing that. Now, it can be fun. We have a lot of fun in my workshops, learning how to regain our financial power, ladies. So let this be an excellent wake-up call for all of us. If you are wondering if you have enough for your retirement or need some guidance, I invite you to reach out to me. Tell me, what is it that’s keeping you held back? What’s your biggest problem with your retirement savings? Where are you feeling stuck? The way I see it, you know, we have two options. We can do things the hard way. Or we can do things the easy way. You can tackle these retirement savings by yourself or you can get someone on your side. Someone who has expertise, someone who can point out the easy path for you and is willing to share, teach, and mentor you along a proven path. Well, that’s what I love doing. I provide you with clear roadmaps. And I love bringing clarity and simplicity to your financial wealth-building lives. And I love and am passionate about giving straightforward money mentoring without costing an arm and a leg.


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