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“Let’s Talk Money” Season 2 Episode 104 with Lynn Kitchen

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Watch now and enjoy this episode of Lynn’s live weekly podcast “Let’s Talk Money” learn, laugh, ask questions, find out about financial clinics, and more.

In this Episode, Lynn Highlights What the Best Income Generating Investments are. She covers so much, you really want to watch or listen to this episode.

Whether you are planning on building a retirement income or simply looking to supplement your income, you may want to consider investing in one of the following income-generating investments. These investments are proven to generate significant returns.


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Dividend stocks

Investing in dividend stocks can be a good way to add extra income to your investment portfolio. They offer a great way to supplement income during recessions or during times of high inflation. It is important to consider companies with a track record of regular dividend hikes.
The best dividend stocks are ones that have been increasing their dividends for decades.



Historically, bonds have been a great way to earn income. They offer a reliable, steady income, and they can be a good hedge against volatility in the stock market.

Bonds can also have a risk of default. However, if you invest in high-quality bonds, the risk of default is lessened.

Bonds are also an effective way to diversify your portfolio. They allow you to buy and sell bonds on a daily basis, and you can invest in additional bonds at any time.



Whether you’re interested in investing in real estate for passive income or simply want to diversify your portfolio, REITs are a great option. These types of investments are tax-advantaged and have above-average dividend yields. They are also relatively inexpensive to buy, making them a good choice for income investors.



Despite all the buzz, annuities are not necessarily the best investment for every investor. There are a number of factors that will influence your decision. Your age, risk tolerance and personal investment goals will play a role.

Annuities can provide an attractive addition to a balanced investment portfolio. They provide a guaranteed lifetime income, tax deferral and a death benefit. But there are trade-offs, as well.


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What are the 10 Best Income Generating Investments?


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