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The 4 B’s To Realizing Your Dreams

All good ideas need a plan to make them come into reality.


Realizing your dreams is no different.

Today Lynn outlines her four B’s: blueprinting, bridging, building and becoming that is her formula to realizing her dreams and the dreams of those who she mentors. Learn how you can begin to realize your dreams! This is an exciting process that you need to grasp if you want all that life has to offer.

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The cafe of dreams is all about building your dreams. building anything requires a process, and it requires a way of thinking. So what I love to do most in the cafe of dreams is really make it simple break that break it down. And so today, I’d love to share my four-step process of building anything, anything in your life at all.

The four-step processes are blueprinting, bridging, building, and becoming: I call it the four B’s of doing anything.

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Most things that we really want to do, we think are impossible, because we’ve never done them before. Or perhaps it’s never been done before. And in this case, the Brooklyn Bridge, the first suspension bridge, had never been done before. And it was an engineering feat. And today it stands as a national historic landmark for that reason. Now think about your own life, what it is that you would like to design, something that you would like to build, what will that take? Will that take a specific blueprint in your mind? Yes, it will, right, taken the beginning of a vision and the belief that something extraordinary is possible. So really, we begin with step number one, which is the vision and in the vision. Obviously, any architect or any engineer must have a precise vision with such specificity that all the nuances. For example, in the Brooklyn Bridge, imagine the nuances of all the weight, the weight transference and the different engineering feat that had to be resolved. Even in the blueprint prior to building it, everything had to be almost resolved in one’s mind before it could even be begun.

We have such a large capacity to do incredible things.


And applying the wisdom of this four-step process helps bring clarity. And it really helps bring that clarity that we need to turn the thought into a thing or the, the vision into reality.  I’m glad to say that because there really is no difference between big and small. When it comes to who we are being in life, this process can be, very much effective. Even if it is just something in one day, one small thing you’re wanting to accomplish. I have friends who are in wheelchairs, who cannot do a lot. They will use these four tools just to do something that’s important to them in a small timeframe


These tools are very, very important to each one of us, whether it’s big, medium, small. These tools work, whether applied to relationships, or achievements and the more I practice these four steps and help others do so, the more I’m just amazed that we are all geniuses.  We are in control of our own power.  Whatever it is that we want we can get using these tools.


About Lynn:

We are on the brink of a new era.


Lynn is launching “MONEY TALKS for Women” This new era calls for more than the law of attraction. It will require greater real-world money skills, financial literacy, and know-how. Women will be called upon to lead the charge for compassionate capitalism and sustainable economic growth with more heart-based values.

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Formerly, Lynn enjoyed a 35-year career as a financial advisory executive and now provides a seasoned perspective as a financial consultant. She continues to serve as board chair and partner of a private money management firm in Pasadena, California.


Mentorship and philanthropy have long been Lynn’s priorities, serving 22 years as Board Member of the Spirit Awakening Foundation that mentors incarcerated and at-risk youth in Los Angeles.


Lynn holds a Bachelor of Science, in Business Marketing, from California State University, Long Beach, and has held many advanced financial certifications including Licensed Financial Principal and two years of study toward Certified Financial Analyst (CFA)


Lynn currently lives in Longboat Key, Florida with her husband and enjoys tennis and biking.