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money talks for women

The Best Money Mentoring Program for Women That Lasts a LIFETIME!

Money is the #1 source of stress for women. 

In contrast, taking action to learn more is the #1 driver toward money confidence and financial well-being.

I want this to be EASY & PRODUCTIVE FOR YOU, and also PERSONAL & PERMANENT! Small group classes allow personalized Q&A, plus what you learn here helps you make smarter money decisions for a LIFETIME.


Money Talks
for Women

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Do you have a great dream without the financial backing you wish you had?

Have you dedicated your life to others’ needs and dreams, and now you are ready to put yourself and your financial dreams FIRST?

Recently, I’ve been “tapped on the shoulder” to a higher calling of my own….to bring forth my background of 34 years as an executive financial advisor to help women gain more financial freedom NOW! My focus is on Financial Independence, Money Empowerment, and the Future Success of more women. That includes funding your dreams and maximizing your potential. I want to be your guide and ensure you are equipped with everything you need to succeed. Money Matters!

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5 Reasons to “Talk Money” with Lynn for real-world money experience:

Lynn draws from real-world money experience:

  • 34-Year Career as Financial Executive / Money Manager.
  • One of the First Women to Open Her Own Financial Broker-Dealership.
  • Owner/Executive of 2 Investment Advisory Firms
  • Taught Portfolio Management / Investment Courses for 15 Years
  • Past President of the  Securities Industry Management Association (SIMA)
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Over 40 Years of Practical Experience in Financial Growth.

After 34 years as a financial executive plus 10 years as a spiritual practitioner, I studied for another decade, working with some of the greatest dream-building mentors in the personal development industry, like Dr. Wayne Dyer, Rev Michael Beckwith, Mary Morrissey, Bob Proctor, Blaine Bartlett, and others. Inspired, I created my own BIG DREAMS.

Along the way, I’ve met hundreds of women colleagues who are truly making a real impact in this world, yet I noticed a glaring financial gap: they may dream big, but they lack real-world financial know-how to create lasting wealth.
I’ve also noticed that most women’s biggest fear is that they will outlive their money. Is that you?