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Episode 4 – Money Talks For Women

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Episode #4: Money Talks for Women: Lynn talks about being Prepared for Stormy Weather in your financial future

I do believe that the year 2022 is up for grabs in terms of perhaps a record making year in especially in financial terms of changes, shifts and alternate plans being needed. So once again, this is Lynn kitchen with money talks for women. I welcome you I’m thankful for you to be here with me today. I certainly do know that many of you have written to me, and thanked me over the last several weeks for the prior times in which we have been introducing to you what to do with your money now that we are in a brand new era of inflation. And are we in a recession and what to do with our money? I welcome you to Money talks for women. This has been such a wonderful opportunity for me to bring to women. My knowledge from my first career in money management, professional money management in which I was a 34 year professional money manager and investment advisor.


This is a time ladies once again, to be extremely and ultra careful. Make sure that your investments are in recession proof areas and make sure that you’ve got some cash on the sideline ready and willing for you to be able to reinvest later if the markets do come down. But in the meantime, make sure that you have plenty of safety built in with those really high quality dividend paying stocks which will help you to maintain and protect you moving forward for long for long term security. So with that, I’m hoping that I’ve that I’ve given you a little bit of something to think about. This is not a time when people should be looking at making high risk investments.


Here’s what I believe: INSIDE EVERY WOMAN IS AN ACE MONEY MANAGER! That’s right! And that means you! JOIN ME HERE TO GET STARTED TOWARD FINANCIAL EMPOWERMENT (Join the waitlist for my next Money Talks Event at



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