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Episode 3 – Money Talks For Women

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Money Talks For Women – Episode 3 “Your Sovereign Power of the Purse

Plus Recession Question for the Day: Are We In A Recession Now, and What Does That Mean For My Money

Fierce Pose Lynn

I do believe we are entering into a brand new world in which women are a part of a new watershed moment in our history. We are on the brink of a brand new era ladies, I’m calling this a charge to lead forward for compassionate capitalism and sustainable economic growth.

Now more than ever, that is heart centered in heart based values. And this new era calls for more of us to bring forth our money power, our money health, our well being so that we are fully integrated women with not only skill sets and being healthy in every way, mentally healthy, physically strong, but also financially strong, financially literate and financially skillful. So that we can bring to the world, all of the economic power that we have to bring.


This includes understanding more about the money markets and understanding the dangers and pitfalls that we may be experiencing in our future. Bringing to the world future opportunities for each one of us. Each one of us is bringing forth the very best impact that we have, and that we want to add to the world so that this world can be a better place. Would you say yes to that? I’m so excited about being here at Money Talks for Women, because it gives me an opportunity to teach again. That was my first career, 34 years in the investment advisory world on Wall Street. I was one of the first women on the west coast to have my own broker dealership at a very, very young age. It really was an accomplishment looking back.


To have an opportunity to be a money manager to help people to create wealth over time, it was probably one of the most exciting things I ever did. I eventually went into business with three other partners and formed a second investment advisory firm. So a total of 34 years in the investment advisory world not to mention teaching investment courses. And I’m excited I get a chance to teach again after being retired for about 10 years. During which I was doing other things that I was passionate about, like creating a national cable television show called World’s Greatest Motivators. I am now dedicating my life to helping women to go create financial wealth and it feels good once again to reach back into my past and bring the knowledge forward and share with you share with all of you ladies, because it’s important now is our time.


Here’s what I believe: INSIDE EVERY WOMAN IS AN ACE MONEY MANAGER! That’s right! And that means you! JOIN ME HERE TO GET STARTED TOWARD FINANCIAL EMPOWERMENT (Join the waitlist for my next Money Talks Event at