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I’m so excited because I will be offering a free workshop coming up, and you are invited to participate to be with me; it’ll be online and virtual.


But one last point I wanted to make is that most of my clients I’ve worked with over my 35 years of working with families and small corporations and all kinds of people managing their money, nonprofits, corporations, individuals, couples, and families. The number one most important problem that they face in their personal economy has mostly stayed the same over the years. It’s like a common denominator.


I have found that most financial problems, almost all, boil down to people making three significant mistakes.


  • They Fail to plan.
  • They invest with no clear strategy.
  • They suffer from a defeatist mindset; it’s too late for me.


No, it’s not too late for you.

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Even if you only started yesterday, you’d be better off today. Because as you begin, you begin to create and grow your assets over time because it does take time. Another defeatist mindset is that it’s too complicated. The markets are way too hard. I’ve never been able to understand it.


None of this is true if you had a mentor or a guide that would help you listen to just what’s the most important. Focus and simplify on what is suitable for you and your economy.  Patricia attended one of my free Money Talks workshops, and she said: “Gosh, you make everything that I think is so difficult; you make it so simple to understand Lynne” Another Rachel said: “You know, I learned in one hour in your workshop, more than I have ever learned in one decade.”


There is a way to learn simple and streamlined money principles to take back your power and create more autonomy. Empower yourself to become that ace money manager that I know already exists inside you. Would that be of interest to you? I see it this way: we all have two options: we can do it the hard way. Or we can do it the easy way. You can tackle this big economy all by yourself. Or you can get someone on your side. Someone with expertise willing to share, teach, and mentor you along a proven path. Somebody who’s been there before. Somebody who understands the ups and downs. Somebody who has made all the mistakes before and can guide you so that you don’t have to make those mistakes.


Imagine the amount of confidence you could have if you had a skilled money mentor like me to help you demystify these complex principles of investing and to help you build wealth. Well, that is what I am here to do.


I am passionate about giving a straightforward money mentoring program without costing an arm and leg. I strongly believe in the importance of having a mentor in your life. Having a life in which you always have a mentor. Now you can have many different mentors, one in every quadrant of your life, perhaps one health mentor, somebody to help you with your health. You can have a money mentor; that’s the quadrant that I focus on because all of the most successful people you have ever known or heard of have had and do have continuous mentors, a guide, not because they’re not wise but because they are smart. They have mentors because they are smart. Have somebody on your side, helping you navigate tricky waters so you can be victorious more rapidly.

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You are invited; I’m asking you to reserve your seat at my next upcoming free online Money Talks workshop is going to be at the end of July 2023


And when you do this, you will receive emails on all of the upcoming programs I have to offer and a complimentary downloadable PDF of Lynn Kitchen’s Starter Guide to Money Talks. Learn about my financial philosophy. And you will also learn tips and tools for moving forward on a path of personal empowerment.


You need to save your seat now. I invite you to be with me; it will be great fun. Bring your girlfriends and colleagues and send them a link. You can learn together.


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