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What’s Your Problem? “Let’s Talk Money” Season 2 Episode 109

Welcome to Money Talks. My name is Lynn Kitchen. And I’m a money mentor and an investment consultant passionate about helping women and couples achieve their dreams for financial security and wealth so they can live the best and happiest life.


I believe that inside, every woman is an ace money manager; you don’t realize it yet. You don’t believe in yourself yet. Many women feel overwhelmed when it comes to investments. They think it’s too hard. One of my clients said, “I’m drowning in data and information overload, and it makes me so scared, I can’t even move.” If you feel that way, you are in the right place because that’s why I am teaching financial workshops for money mentoring programs, bringing my expertise from being a professional money manager for over 34 years and managing not one but two investment advisory firms along the way. I’ve helped countless individuals, couples, and families transform their lives and create lasting legacies By strategically helping them invest correctly. And everyone has the power to do this when they know how.


Today, I’m asking this question, what’s your problem? What’s your problem? What’s the big problem that’s holding you back? Are you feeling dissatisfied with the way that your economic life is going? Well, if you are, you are not alone; I came across a very interesting recent Gallup poll that measures how satisfied or dissatisfied Americans are with how things are going in the United States. And it shows that the United States’ mood of Americans is quite glum. They say that only 18% are feeling satisfied. Well, that means that there is another 82% of us that are feeling totally unsatisfied.


Chart Americans Satisfaction


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