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Breaking Barriers: Leading the Way in Empowerment

Breaking Barriers: A Conversation with a Woman Leading the Way in Empowerment, Money Talks with Lynn Kitchen Ep 117


Attention, fellow podcast enthusiasts! Have I got a treat for you! On this latest episode of the podcast, I had the pleasure of speaking with the remarkable Miriam Ward, a true inspiration in the world of leadership and empowerment. A woman of dynamism, we explore her journey from law to culinary arts, and then the artistic world, encapsulating the essence of our conversation – passion, excellence and self-expression.   From the moment we began, you could feel the synergy between us, both navigating the challenging paths of male-dominated fields. Miriam’s career as an attorney is nothing short of impressive.



Miriam WardDuring our conversation, Miriam shared her experiences of being one of the few women in her law class and the trials she faced in a predominantly male working environment. Her unwavering belief in excellence in all aspects of life struck a chord with me. And when she opened up about her venture into the culinary arts as a chef, it was clear that following your passion and bringing the best of yourself to all arenas of life is paramount.


But Miriam’s talents don’t stop there. She gracefully transitioned into the world of artistry, captivating us with her creative endeavors. Her commitment to empowering others and illuminating the beauty within each individual shines through in her work. Miriam’s vision for her upcoming exhibit, Masquerade, explores the masks we wear and the importance of inner awareness and connection. I, for one, cannot wait to witness her genius firsthand.


But wait, there’s more! Miriam and I also delved into the often-taboo subject of money. She recognized the need for financial empowerment, particularly for women, and how understanding and managing our financial well-being is vital for personal and business growth. That is how we began working together. We explored the dangers of relying on others for financial decisions and the importance of trusting oneself, making informed choices, and seeking mentorship along the way.


“I used to depend on my ex-husband and other people, but many of them ended up losing us money. It made me realize that I needed to start taking care of myself.”  Miriam Ward


Watch and listen as we celebrate the fortitude and tenacity of women, inspiring listeners to tap into their unique potential. Combining Miriam’s insights as an Ace Money Manager, this episode will leave you motivated. We celebrate the strength and resilience of women, urging each listener to step into their power and utilize their unique qualities. Miriam’s wisdom as an empowered Ace Money Manager will leave you feeling inspired and ready to conquer the world.


Don’t miss this incredible conversation between Miriam Ward and me. Do not forget; that we all are potential Ace Money Managers with the right knowledge. Let’s start this journey towards financial freedom and self-reliance together.  I am committed to shedding light on our finances and igniting the spark of empowered financial freedom. Trust me, you won’t want to miss a moment of it.


Tune in to our podcast now and be captivated by Miriam Ward’s wisdom and vision. And mark your calendars because my upcoming workshop is just around the corner. I can’t wait to see you there. Be brave, be your own money manager.


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