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Behind “The Strangest Secret”

Behind “The Strangest Secret”

Connect With Pamela Nightingale, Stories & Secrets Behind “The Strangest Secret” Saturday, June 18 , What would you love to ask Pamela about EARL NIGHTINGALE?

A Father’s Day Weekend Tribute RESERVE YOUR SEAT BELOW  “LIFE should be an exciting adventure.
It should never be a bore!” – Earl Nightingale

Have you listened to and been mesmerized by that VOICE of Earl Nightingale in the now-famous recording of “The Strangest Secret”?   Now be inspired by the story of how it all happened!

Pamela Nightingale is a consummate story teller regaling us with real life adventures of what her famous father, Earl Nightingale, was really like.  Now she reveals all the behind the scenes stories, both hilarious and heart-breaking, in her newly released audio book, “The Story of Earl Nightingale and His Strangest Secret”.  

Lynn Kitchen, your host, brings you this exquisitely rare opportunity to hear Pamela interviewed AND she has agreed to answer ALL YOUR QUESTIONS in a LIVE Q & A!  

REGISTER NOW!  I’ll save your seat & send details!

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You’ll Love the Stories Galore and You’ll Learn:

  • STORYBOOK LIFE as told by Pamela
  • HERO – How Earl Nightingale, Marine, survived the bombing of the USS ARIZONA at Pearl Harbor, one of only 12 or 15 Marines to live after the sinking of the ship (the exact number is still uncertain).
  • OVERCAME POVERTY – How Earl went from homelessness to becoming a millionaire by age 35 through positive thinking. It was his stated goal to achieve that milestone by age 35!
  • OVERCAME ILLNESS – How Earl thrived during a lifelong battle with a rare disease.
  • FAMOUS CELEBRITY – The story behind Earl’s groundbreaking success of “The Strangest Secret”
  • FATHER OF PERSONAL DEVELOPMENT – How Earl lived the principles he taught and pioneered the Motivation and Personal Development Industry, inspiring millions worldwide!

What people are saying about Lynn’s earlier interview with Pamela on YouTube:
 “Thank you for this interview. Inspirational!  Earl Nightingale was and still is a LEGEND”.
 “What a rich and thought-provoking interview, full of interesting memories and stories. Very enjoyable!”

 “This is such an incredible interview!!!”

image of Lynn Kitchen

Lynn Kitchen is a Positive Media Producer,
a Financial Coach Consultant,
and Leadership Expert.  

Lynn is Founder and Executive Producer of World’s Greatest Motivators TV Series,
The Master Mentor Series, and Co-Producer of Bob Proctor at Carnegie Hall;
Former Owner/Executive of 2 Investment Advisory Firms,
Enjoyed 34-Year Career as Executive Money Manager,
One of the First Women to Open Her Own Financial Broker-Dealership;
Licensed Spiritual Practitioner and Life Mastery Consultant,
Loves Tennis and Cooking Up Dreams.

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