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Money Talks For Women – Gratitude is the Attitude of Abundance

women expressing grattitude

You know, Gratitude is the attitude of abundance.

And when we talk about money, there’s always a place for increased gratitude, am I not correct about that? Increased gratitude about everything that we already have in life, everything that we are grateful for it expands. So let us take time at this moment, and take a deep breath. Just become grateful, even more, grateful for everything that we do have because we can start right where we are with what we have.


The realization that we always have more than we think we do is a grateful thought.

gratitude journalSo, as we move into this time of gratitude, and especially as it relates to money, I invite you all to take this month, the next 30 days, and take a new journal, and every day, spend a moment to journal your thoughts around what you’re grateful for. It’s called the gratitude journal. When I first did it, it absolutely blew my mind. We can create wealth for ourselves, we can invest for ourselves, and we can make investments that we are 100% responsible for. Our investments are 100% responsible for our own wealth creation. And all these things can be put into a journal, on gratitude and being grateful for all of the abundance.


One of the reasons that I think I feel so strongly about doing exercises like this is because I know that inside every woman is what I call an “ace money manager.”

In other words, I truly believe you have far more experience managing money than you give yourself credit for, and that goes for every woman. This is my belief. Inside every woman is an ace money manager just waiting to be empowered.


You just don’t realize how much you already know. I’m convinced that now more than ever, you need to be stronger financially in every way. In fact, I believe it’s urgent. Ladies, the financial markets are changing so fast right now. I’m absolutely convinced that you can build wealth through all kinds of disruption that might be going on in the world. It doesn’t matter.


You have the power; you have the intelligence, and you can learn.

woman with clipboard or ledgerYou can begin right where you are. You can begin right here, right now. And we can be grateful for that. You can gain more confidence about your money; you can start to make better money decisions. And you can learn investments simply and quickly. You can learn how to ask better questions about your money and receive real solid health help. And I know that you can begin today and build a solid financial future. Your money’s past does not at all define your money’s future.


I’m very, very adamant that if you begin right now, to decide to make a bold decision, that you absolutely do want to be wealthy, that you can decide to be wealthy, you can create and maintain an abundant mindset. And you can start today in this magical time of gratitude, to thank yourself, thank your abundant mind, thank that part of you that can change, thank that part of you that can learn, and thank that part of you that can simply decide to be wealthy!


Well, I’ve got something special for you. I’ve got a wonderful free Starter Guide to “Money Talks for Women.” And I want to invite you to check out my brand-new website: That’s where you can find this wonderful download for a free Starter Guide to “Money Talks.” And I’m going to make this commitment to you. I’m going to help you begin on this new track of creating abundance for yourself, creating financial security for yourself, creating financial independence for yourself, and creating the kind of future wealth that you really would love.


Would you really love that?

  • Starter Guide to "Money Talks"Would you really love to be able to have all the money that you need
  • to have a great life where you have no worries about where the next bill is going to be paid?
  • How you’re going to pay your next bills?
  • Wouldn’t it be great to have a savings account?
  • Wouldn’t it be great to have an emergency account just filled full of money that you can tap into any time there’s an emergency?
  • Wouldn’t it feel great to have an investment account?
  • Wouldn’t it feel great to have a retirement account that’s fully funded, and that is ready for you to be able to retire at the maximum amount of money that you can withdraw every year to have the kind of lifestyle that you want to have?
  • Wouldn’t it be wonderful to be able to have all the money that you can then gift to others and become a philanthropist and help others to really give from the overflow?

Would you love that? If you have a yes to any of those questions, then you are in the right place.


What if you had the objective of building a house all by yourself with your own hands?

100 dolar billsAnd if I offered you a screwdriver to build that house with, that would be a tool. Right? But if I also offer you a power tool, a power screwdriver, wouldn’t you immediately say, oh, I would prefer that. You would prefer the power tool, because obviously, you know, in one nanosecond you could use a power tool to build a house much, much faster than just a plain old screwdriver. You would choose the power drill. But what if I said, oh, no, no, no, no, you can’t have this power drill, you can only have this screwdriver because that’s what you believe you deserve? See, that doesn’t make any sense at all, you deserve the power tool, just as much.


Money is like a power tool, it is a tool of acceleration, and it will help accelerate the possibility of building your dreams faster. It might take a little bit more money to purchase a power tool, but that power tool is going to help you create your dreams faster. So that’s the purpose of money. It’s a tool to accelerate you forward in everything that you want to create in life.


lynn kitchenHere’s what I believe: INSIDE, EVERY WOMAN IS AN ACE MONEY MANAGER! That’s right! And that means you! JOIN ME HERE TO GET STARTED TOWARD FINANCIAL EMPOWERMENT (Join the waitlist for my next Money Talks Event at

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