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About Lynn Kitchen     

Bringing People, Capital and Ideas Together

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–Money Matters–

You are part of a watershed moment in women’s history.

We are on the brink of a new era. Women are called upon to lead the charge for compassionate capitalism and sustainable economic growth with more heart-based values. This new era calls for more than the law of attraction. It will require greater real-world money skills, financial literacy, and know-how.

–Money Matters–

This includes knowing the markets, the money world, understanding dangers and pitfalls, as well as future opportunities.

It’s time to learn and get stronger for the sake of your own goals, your family security, and all the future impact you want to have on the world you live in.

Forward progress for women will be more expensive, which requires learning how to create wealth even in these volatile uncertain economic times ahead. The stakes are higher now, yet I see how we women can win.

EACH of us has a role to play in this economic fabric called our money world. How can I support YOU?

Money Matters!

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My Story

I grew up in a small Illinois farm town, with summers in big city Denver to visit my father.
The divided family life made me desperately want something better for myself.
business attire in bahaus settingAfter earning my own way through Vietnam-era college years, and being very broke, I felt lost, alone, and adrift.  I made a decision that money was what I needed most, so why not learn the language of money so I could build my own assets and control my own destiny? 

Thus began my 34-year career as a financial executive, having built not one but two investment advisory firms in Los Angeles, CA, taught investment courses for 15 years to adults, became a licensed spiritual practitioner, and eventually morphed into becoming a television producer, author, and coach. Two bouts of cancer did not deter me from a passion for living, inspiring, mentoring, and bringing the best of me to the world.

Mentorship and philanthropy are now my passion.  I am proudest of being a 25-year board member of the Spirit Awakening Foundation, providing mentorship to at-risk and incarcerated youth in the juvenile justice system.  The youth whom we serve are testaments to the power of the human spirit. (

I currently live in Longboat Key, Florida, with my husband and 99-year-old mother, having fun in the sun, playing tennis, and biking.


  • Graduate of California State University, Long Beach – BS Marketing
  • Advanced Financial Principles and Options Principles Licenses
  • 2 years CFA study – Certified Financial Analyst
  • State-licensed spiritual practitioner; Numerous coaching certificates

Want to work with Lynn?

Lynn wants to be your guide and ensure you are equipped with everything you need to succeed. Your Money Matters!

  • Power of mentorship
  • Financial Independence
  • Money Empowerment
  • Ensure a Future of Success

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–Mentorship as a Way of Life–

My Passion

I am passionate about empowering Women’s Wealth, inspiring our Biggest Dreams, and fostering the Can-Do Spirit so we truly bring our very best to this world!

We all learn and grow fastest through the Power of Mentorship, and I have loved showcasing the “best of the best” thought leaders and mentors. Now I want to do that for YOU! Harnessing my expertise in Mentorship and my Money knowledge to help you gain financial freedom NOW!

My focus is on Financial Independence, Money Empowerment and the Future Success of more women. That includes funding your dreams and maximizing your potential.


Lynn Kitchen

–Dedicated to Helping Women–

My Mission

I am dedicated to helping women leaders and achievers have the courage and confidence to be BOLD and go for their biggest dreams, unleash the power behind their life purpose, create lasting financial wealth, and savor the resulting miracles and rewards.

Together on this journey, through learning smarter money mastery, applying spiritual laws of abundance, and cultivating a can-do spirit, we nourish our souls’ highest prerogatives and bring forth our best selves as women….. because, now more than ever….the world needs us to bring our best selves to it.

Simply I am here to inspire, lead, and serve.   

Let’s bring out your greatness.